Township Profile

Drumore Township was one of the original townships organized in 1729 and has remained essentially a rural community since its beginning. It was named after Dromore, a town in Northern Ireland, and was settled principally by Scotch-Irish Presbyterians. The area is basically agricultural with breathtaking landscapes of rolling hills, stream valleys, woodlands and family farms.

Drumore Township has three elected supervisors whose primary responsibilities are to enhance the welfare and safety of its residents by overseeing the provision of desired community services.

Presently, the principal service the Township provides to our residents is the care and maintenance of the township road system networked throughout the community along with state roads. In the summer, road upkeep, drainage & ditch maintenance, roadside mowing, and equipment preventative maintenance occupy most of our time. In the winter, snow removal, application of cinders and storm damage repair for road safety are our number one priorities. 

The Board of Supervisors is continually looking for ways to improve services to its residents while being sensitive to the relative costs. We encourage your thoughts, ideas and support. The board meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Township Municipal Building and welcomes your attendance. 

We are a community proud of our history, heritage and commitment to doing for one another. Join us as we strive to make Drumore Township a better environment for our homes, churches and other personal pursuits.

  • Population: 2,560
  • Number of Households: 853