What is Drumore Township's municipal tax?

Drumore Township assesses taxes on real estate. The current tax millage rate is 0.900000 (for a property with a base assessment of $100,000 the base tax would be approximately $9.00). Each property owner is mailed a municipal tax bill by March 1 of each year. If your taxes are in escrow with your Mortgage Company or Bank, it is your responsibility to forward a copy to them for payment. If you do not receive a bill, it is also your responsibility to contact our Municipal Tax Collector, Linda Martin, @ 717-548-2392 to receive a copy of your bill. 

If there is an address change, or you have a question concerning your assessment, please call the Lancaster County Assessment Office at 717-299-8381. The County’s current tax millage rate is 2.911.


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1. What is Drumore Township's municipal tax?
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