The Zoning Hearing Board consists of three members who are appointed by the Board of Supervisors. The Board consists of residents of the Township. Their terms of office are three years and are fixed that the term of office of one member shall expire each year. There are also two alternate members on this Board.
The Board elects from its own membership its officers, who serve annual terms. A quorum is not less than two members of the Board, but the Board may appoint a hearing officer from its own membership to conduct any hearing on its behalf and the parties may waive further action by the Board.
The Board conducts hearings and makes decisions in accordance with the Zoning Ordinance. They have the exclusive jurisdiction to hear and render decisions.


According to the Municipalities Planning Code, the Township Solicitor cannot serve as Solicitor for the Zoning Hearing Board.  The Zoning Hearing Board has the exclusive right to appoint its own solicitor and the municipality retains only the "power of the purse." This individual must be a registered professional lawyer.


A.  Reviews all applications for a zoning hearing and schedules the hearing with the members of the Zoning Hearing Board.
B.  Guides the Zoning Hearing Board members in all matters concerning the law.
C.  At the direction of the members of the Zoning Hearing Board, writes up the final decision and mails it to the applicant.
D.  Works in unison with the Zoning Officer on all hearings or potential hearings.


The selection of a solicitor is not required to go through the competitive bidding process. While a firm may be selected, most municipalities select an individual.  When that individual is associated with a firm that has other members with a background in municipal law the other members may also be called upon when the need arises.Appointments are usually made for a one year period.

Zoning Hearing Board Phone Term Expires
Shane O'Brien, Chair 717-548-4923 2023
Wayne Lefever, Secretary
717-284-4238 2022
Bob Currey, Vice Chair
Ronald Cutler, Alternate 717-548-3638 2022
Scott Ault, Alternate 717-548-4259 2022
Russell, Krafft & Gruber LLC
Julie B. Miller, Solicitor
717-293-9293 x208